Railing Design Trend- Glass Railings

Railing Design Trend- Glass Railings


Glass railings are a newer trend in deck railing.  Before you construct your deck, consider that there are at least three choices for railing. Perhaps the most modern choice for railings, glass railings come in a variety of styles, each of which brings something different to your deck. So, with that in mind, we will take a look at glass railings.


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Why Choose Glass Railings?:

Glass rails provide an uninterrupted view from your deck.  In many cases, the purpose of a glass railing is to emphasize the view beyond the deck.  Glass railings are most common near water because they allow the surrounding world to become part of your deck.  They are unique in that they accent certain architecture in addition to opening up a view.  Use glass railings on modern or tall decks.  You can als0 install glass railings to enhance the overall design.


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Types of Glass Railings:

There are three main types of glass railings.  The first type of glass railing is an aluminum or wood framed panel of glass.  The second type is a panel of glass between wooden or metal posts.  Last, some glass railings are like wooden railings in that they have a top wooden or aluminum rail and possibly a bottom rail, and there are multiple panels of glass between these rails.

As for the best use in the railings, the environment and the deck make each case unique.  However, the first type of railing, with the panel of glass entirely framed by wood or aluminum, makes a deck feel secure, but it allows for an uninterrupted view, for the most part.  The second type of railing, which is a pane of glass between posts, creates an open feeling.  This type of railing provides a truly uninterrupted view of surrounding scenery.  Finally, a glass railing that is a frame with multiple panels of glass in that frame acts as a hybrid between modern glass railings and traditional railings.  These hybrid railings provide the benefits of glass rails.  In addition, they add a unique aspect that makes the railing interesting in its own right.

Cost and Safety:

Glass rails are more expensive than traditional railings.  In some cases, glasses railings can cost nearly twice as much as a metal fence panel of the same size.  Before purchasing a glass rails, think about your deck, the view from your deck, who will be on your deck, and which furniture you want for your deck.  Whenever you install a large panel of glass, there is a possibility something may break it.  If you have small children, you may need to reconsider buying a glass railing.  However, if you can afford it, a glass railing in the right environment provides a sleek, modern look not available with other types of rails.



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  1. Dennis Sanchez

    You advised considering what kind of furniture will be surrounding the glass railing and also the view. I was visiting my godfather the other day and he wanted to add a glass railing to his deck, and I wanted to learn more about that trend. He has a spectacular view, so the glass could really contribute to the aesthetic of the home. Thanks for the great blog post.

    • Emily Albert

      Hi Dennis! Thanks for reading. Glass rails are perfect for homes with amazing views. Glad you liked our blog. Let us know if you have any questions.


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