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Best Tips for Fence Repair of Wooden Fences

fence repair tips and practices. how to refinish your fence.

A fence is an expensive investment and should be kept up and maintained as much as possible. It takes years for deterioration but with some harsh storms and cold winters a fence can fade quickly. Follow these fence repair steps to bring back the warm glow in your fence. Begin by cleaning fence Get all… Read more »

Tips for How to Prevent Mold on your Deck

prevent mold. mold on deck. how to clean mold on deck

Mold is actually a generic term that includes fungi, algae, yeast and bacteria. Mold on decks is a health hazard as people breathe in the mold spores. It also makes  the deck slippery and unattractive.  Wooden decks require constant maintenance to preserve their beauty.  Part of deck maintenance is removing and preventing mold. Home owners… Read more »

Deck Steps- Importance of Building Strong Deck Steps

deck steps. wood decking. deck buiding

Building strong deck steps is important to overall deck safety.  There are a whole lot of methods that can be tried out while building deck steps but it always boils down to one point – the methods should help avoid drawbacks that can lead to uneven risers or in worst case scenarios, even collapse of… Read more »

The Best Advice for Refinishing a Pergola

pergola. staining pergola. refinish pergola

Pergolas create another level of wood framing on a patio or deck. They add dimension and a unique design element. Similar to decks, wooden pergolas are susceptible to water and sun damage as they age. Every few years home owners should refinish their pergola the same way they do their deck. Here are a few… Read more »

7 Maintenance Tips for Renovating your Gazebo

gazebo refinish. renovate gazebo. gazebo maintenance

No Weeds Grooming the garden around the gazebo is important.  Make sure to keep the path and surrounding perimeter clear of threatening weeds and vines.  Quickly growing plants can overwhelm the walls of the gazebo and create problems down the road.   Out with the Mold… Vinyl gazebos require different maintenance than wooden gazebos.  Trapped… Read more »