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Top Facts About Windows

window facts

Windows work for more than just people watching, and letting a nice breeze in when you need some fresh air. There are many things that windows do that the average person just does not know about. Whether you are considering replacing your windows or just curious, these facts are good to know. Fortunately, I am… Read more »

Going Green: New Trends in the Modern Home

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If you are looking to make your home a bit more eco-friendly you have came to the right place! Over the past 10 years companies have been focusing on serving the needs of eco-friendly home owners resulting in many products available in the market. From walls and floors to the cleaning products used in your home,… Read more »

How Much does it Cost to Replace Windows

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Windows are a huge investment whether you need 5 or 20.  You may be wondering how much of an investment.  The truth is, there plenty of window brands out there that vary in quality, resilience and cost.  There may also be factors about your specific home that affect the installation price.  For instance, historic architecture… Read more »

Step by Step Guide for Installing a Skylight


Skylights can bring beauty and style to a house that just does not let enough natural light in. Along with being a unique addition to your home, a skylight can also help reduce your energy bill because it reduces the need to use electric lights. Natural sunlight has shown to have different health benefits and… Read more »

Spotlight on Simonton Windows

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Replacing the windows in your house is a significant financial investment.  Like all big decision, it is important to investigate which windows are right for you prior to making your purchase.  We have conducted the preliminary research for you, narrowing the options to only the highest quality, most reliable suppliers such as Fusion, Mezzo and Simonton. … Read more »