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Going Green: New Trends in the Modern Home

go green

If you are looking to make your home a bit more eco-friendly you have came to the right place! Over the past 10 years companies have been focusing on serving the needs of eco-friendly home owners resulting in many products available in the market. From walls and floors to the cleaning products used in your home,… Read more »

Water Damage- The Silent Home Killer

water damage

Water damage is a serious problem for a homeowner. Make sure to immediately deal with pipes bursting, heavy rain, and snow melting. The problem is water gets behind your walls and under your floors where you can not see or reach. Water in your home will cause thousands of dollars in damage to upholstery, flooring, wooden furniture,… Read more »

Honey Do Checklist for Fall and Winter

Honey Do Checklist

Preparing for winter is a specialized activity, especially in places that face extreme weather conditions. If you avoid preparing, you face additional challenges. Create your honey do checklist early for a safe and healthy winter. A honey do checklist for fall and winter will definitely help you. Make sure to check all of the boxes… Read more »

Fall Home Improvement- Insulate Your Windows & Doors

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Draft-Free Doors We are easing into fall, which means it’s time to prepare for the cold weather.  Examine your entry doors to see if there are improvements that can be made in how well they are insulated. Check the weather seals annually.  An easy and cost effective way to improve the energy efficiency of entry… Read more »