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The Perfect Trim-How to Landscape Around Your Deck

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Our decks mark the entertaining spaces driving outdoor living.  As such, they serve as extensions of the home.  They also host the transition from the house into the backyard.  We spend lots of time refinishing, decorating, and furnishing our decks.  In addition to the deck itself, the surrounding area also needs attention.  In order to… Read more »

Create Privacy on Your Deck

Outdoor living inspires peaceful relaxation and dynamic entertaining.  We love the natural, open environment of a back deck.  The question is, how open should your deck be?  Unlike the rooms inside your house, there are no walls.  However, plenty of solutions provide well-needed backyard privacy for home owners enjoying their deck.  Whether you like reading… Read more »

Boost Curb Appeal with New Outdoor Holiday Decorations

holiday decorations, outdoor Christmas decor

The main reason people decorate their homes in the holiday season is to boost curb appeal.  Don’t limit yourself to simple lights Christmas lights when there are so many options for holiday decorations.  Of course, Christmas lights are fine and a staple of any Decorations.  However, here are some things to consider when decorating your… Read more »

The Ins and Outs of Winter Grilling on the Back Deck

winter grilling, how to grill in the winter

Don’t let winter keep you from grilling.  Just because the weather is freezing doesn’t mean you can’t make your favorite grilled dishes. Overall, grilling in the winter is much the same as it is in other months, except that it is colder.  Here are some tips for winter grilling.   Shovel Snow: This is incredibly… Read more »

How to Design the Perfect Deck for Outdoor Entertaining.

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Maintaining a home is hard work but can be very rewarding as well. The majority of rooms in a house are based on functional needs. It is nice to have areas outside to enjoy though as well. Decks provide the perfect area for so many memories to be made. From tiki torches to hammocks lets take a look at… Read more »