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Benefits of Building a Covered Deck

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Do you enjoy the warmth of the great outdoors without the beaming sunlight?  Consider outdoor living spaces with some shelter.  Pergolas are great, but they have openings.  The best way to protect your outdoor living space is to build a covered deck.  Covered decks work on ground levels and as an elevated deck.  With different… Read more »

Different Styles and Uses of Gazebos

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A backyard gazebo provides many uses and benefits to your yard. A perfectly placed gazebo allows guests to sit outside and enjoy your landscape.  The covering even provides shelter during inclement weather. Built in many shapes and sizes, wood is easily customizable for your needs. Deciding which type of gazebo fits your needs is the… Read more »

Best Gazebo Building Tips

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Traditional gazebos consist of octagonal structures with open or covered sides. The structure usually depends on the functions it is meant to perform. There are so many types and styles of gazebos. When you build a gazebo, first determine what kind of gazebo you want based on functions and design preferences. Here are a few… Read more »

7 Maintenance Tips for Renovating your Gazebo


No Weeds Grooming the garden around the gazebo is important.  Make sure to keep the path and surrounding perimeter clear of threatening weeds and vines.  Quickly growing plants can overwhelm the walls of the gazebo and create problems down the road.   Out with the Mold… Vinyl gazebos require different maintenance than wooden gazebos.  Trapped… Read more »