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Choosing the Right Patio Door for your Home

patio door

Patio doors are more than a simple entrance because they serve to frame your porch and welcome you to the outside.  When you choose a patio door, there are many options to consider.  Some options are based on safety, while others focus on insulation.  Of course, some options are purely cosmetic.  Choosing the right patio… Read more »

Design Trends of Door Transoms and Sidelights

transom and sidelights. Install entry door. Front door design

Transoms and sidelights are a great addition to a front door, and they help to customize your entryway.  When you plan your entry way, it may be a good idea to consider installing a transom or side lights.  They can brighten your entrance in addition to enhancing the front steps or entry-way porch.   What… Read more »

Preparing your Entryway Doors for Winter

entryway doors

Making sure your entryway doors are prepared for the cool months of winter is important.  Properly winterized doors can save you up to ten percent on your energy bill.  That may sound like a lot, but a gap of only 1/8 of an inch around an average-sized entry door is equivalent to having a roughly… Read more »

French Door vs Sliding Door

Sliding Door

A very common scenario in which this question arises is when considering what kind of door to install for your patio/deck.  However, French doors and sliding doors can also be used to separate indoor spaces such as the living room and dining room.  So, how do you decide?  Here are some factors to consider. Space… Read more »

3 Interior Doors Types That Enhance Beauty of your Home

Interior Doors

Have you ever thought of interior doors as anything more than an entrance-way or barrier?  Doors take up a substantial amount of the wall and welcome you into the next room.  As an integral part of the wall’s composition, they should be recognized for their design potential.  Whether you are doing a total overhaul of an… Read more »