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How Long Does a Wooden Deck Last? Average Lifespan of Wooden Decks

wooden deck, lifespan of a deck

The idea of ‘built to last’ is unfortunately a concept of the past in many ways.  Have you ever heard an older person say “they just don’t make them like they used to?”  Fortunately, some things are still built for durability.  One of them is decks.  Home owners add decks to their houses for the… Read more »

Fast Guide to 3 Types of Wood Decking Material

decking materials

Decks extend the outdoor living space by offering a desirable platform for dining, grilling, and relaxing.  We love the natural character of a traditional wooden deck.  Composite is great, but there is something special about the craftsmanship of a wood built structure.  Interested in installing a wooden deck?   If so, you’ll have to choose what… Read more »