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Choosing the Right Patio Door for your Home

patio doors. sliding patio doors. glass patio doors.

Patio doors are more than a simple entrance because they serve to frame your porch and welcome you to the outside.  When you choose a patio door, there are many options to consider.  Some options are based on safety, while others focus on insulation.  Of course, some options are purely cosmetic.  Choosing the right patio… Read more »

4 Modern Bathroom Sink Designs

bathroom sink. modern bathroom sink. bathroom design ideas

If you are looking for modern bathroom sink designs, there are plenty of innovative choices.  Opt for a variation of the conventional and traditional sink type.  Or, if you are adventurous, choose one that will add an element of class to the space. Whatever your personality may be, the sky is the limit to showcase your… Read more »

Gourd-geous Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas for your Table

Thanksgiving Centerpiece. Thanksgiving decor ideas

It’s that wonderful time of year again when the leaves fall and we prepare to celebrate the harvest.  Thanksgiving brings family and friends to the table for delicious food and grateful sentiments.  When decorating your table, forget about the old candlesticks and grocery store floral arrangement.  This year, add some seasonal sophistication to your table… Read more »

Go off the Rails!  Deck Railing Design

Deck Railing

We usually think of deck flooring as the primary aspect of the deck.   Have you considered the significance of the railing?  The deck railing is actually the most prominent design feature of your deck.  Your neighbors and visitors see the deck railing before any other part  of your deck.  New decking trends challenge the home… Read more »

5 Outdoor Living Trends

Outdoor Living Trends

Outdoor Living Trends are Inside Out New outdoor living trends marry indoor comforts and design within an outdoor setting.  Traditional outdoor living spaces can be categorized as minimalist, rustic, and natural, much like the environment.  New trends call for an outdoor extension of the indoor living space.  Work on making your outside personalized, welcoming, and much… Read more »