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Top 3 Best Composite Decking Brands

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Composite decking is a great choice for installing a low maintenance deck.  Once you decide to install wood alternative decking, you then have to choose a brand.  Even though composite decking is a fairly young concept, there are plenty of companies marketing the product.  With so many choices at varying price points, picking the right… Read more »

How the Internet of Things is Changing Homes

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The internet has been the most influential innovation in the history of man. We now enjoy the technologies of connecting. The internet of things (IoT) is everywhere.  So, what is the Internet of Things?  Well, the term refers to a network of objects all connected electronically, fit with sensors, software, and electronics.  This network collects information… Read more »

Modern Deck Designs- New Ideas for Designing Your Deck

All decks serve both aesthetic and functional purposes.  Modern deck structures enhance the exterior beauty of the home. The function of our deck defines how we enjoy the outdoor living spaces.  The quality of outdoor spaces also helps increase the property’s value.  This is why home owners splurge modern deck design plans. There are many… Read more »

Top 9 deck furniture brands for outdoor living

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There are many different brands of patio furniture, and each one offers something different.  Before you choose a brand, ask yourself what you want your patio to say.  It may say something simple, or it may push boundaries.   Agio Agio makes classic outdoor furniture.  They have chairs and tables for different environments, and so… Read more »

Top 6 Brands of Patio Doors for your Back Deck

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Choosing the right patio door brand is difficult.  The right patio door should be safe, and so you should not worry about someone entering your home.  It should protect your home from the elements, and so you should not worry about rain dampening your floors or heat or cold air escaping in the summer or winter…. Read more »