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Tips for How to Prevent Mold on your Deck

prevent mold. mold on deck. how to clean mold on deck

Mold is actually a generic term that includes fungi, algae, yeast and bacteria. Mold on decks is a health hazard as people breathe in the mold spores. It also makes  the deck slippery and unattractive.  Wooden decks require constant maintenance to preserve their beauty.  Part of deck maintenance is removing and preventing mold. Home owners… Read more »

6 Common Composite Decking Problems

composite decking. composite problems. trex deck. vinyl decking

Composite decking is all the rage.  We love the idea of maintenance free and don’t mind paying extra for that convenience.  Composite has been around for years and in that time, plenty of advancements have been made to improve the brand and products.  However, like any material, there are still a few problems that you… Read more »

Composite vs. Wood Deck

Composite vs Wood

Blog Overview- -Defining Factors of Composite & Wood Deck -Composite Cost & Maintenance -Wood Cost & Maintenance Which is Better? The real questions to ask is “is one better than the other?”  We hope to provide enough informative details about each product so that you can make an educated decision as to which is better… Read more »

2017 Deck Restoration Cost: Average Cost to Refinish Your Deck

Deck Cost

Wooden decks are beautiful additions to the exterior of your home, when they are well maintained.  However, maintaining your deck can be a pricey.  Popping nails, bowing boards, splintering on the surface are all indicators that it’s time to invest in restoration.  While a quick power wash and coat of stain can give you a temporary… Read more »

Top 5 Deck Refinishing Problems

Deck Refinishing Problems

Whether you take on the project yourself or hire a professional, refinishing your deck can be a complicated job. If you want to be successful and enjoy a beautifully restored deck, there are many potential challenges to consider and prepare for. Here is our professional warning of the top 5 most common deck refinishing problems… Read more »