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Deck Steps- Importance of Building Strong Deck Steps

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Building strong deck steps is important to overall deck safety.  There are a whole lot of methods that can be tried out while building deck steps but it always boils down to one point – the methods should help avoid drawbacks that can lead to uneven risers or in worst case scenarios, even collapse of… Read more »

Responsible Home Owners Need a Deck Safety Inspection Every Year

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Do you own a deck?  The information in this article applies to every home owner with a deck in their outdoor living space.  Whether you use your deck frequently or barely at all, there is a safety concern that we are all responsible for addressing.  Here is helpful information we all need to know about… Read more »

How Performing a Deck Inspection Will Improve The Safety of Your Home

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From 2000 through 2006, 179 decks were reported to have collapsed that left 33 people dead and another 1,122 injured. One of the main reasons so many problems occur with decks is because homeowners do not keep up with maintenance. On top of that, many homeowners build their own decks with little experience in home… Read more »

3 Most Important Deck Safety Tips

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Is your Deck Safe?  We talk about design, restoration, and durability of the surface.  Now the importance of deck safety tips.  Millions of decks collapse every year.   In fact, decks can present serious danger for the home owners and their house guests.  For this reason, it is your responsibility as a homeowner to guarantee the… Read more »