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Front Porch Safety Tips

front porch safety tips. how to maintain your front porch

Safety in the household is very important and the front porch is no exception. This area is the first place family and friends see as they enter your home so safety should be a consideration. Front porches and steps can be made safe in many ways and still maintain its curb appeal.   Front porch steps The… Read more »

Best Gazebo Building Tips

gazebo building. how to build a gazebo. gazebo trends

Traditional gazebos consist of octagonal structures with open or covered sides. The structure usually depends on the functions it is meant to perform. There are so many types and styles of gazebos. When you build a gazebo, first determine what kind of gazebo you want based on functions and design preferences. Here are a few… Read more »

Tips for How to Prevent Mold on your Deck

prevent mold. mold on deck. how to clean mold on deck

Mold is actually a generic term that includes fungi, algae, yeast and bacteria. Mold on decks is a health hazard as people breathe in the mold spores. It also makes  the deck slippery and unattractive.  Wooden decks require constant maintenance to preserve their beauty.  Part of deck maintenance is removing and preventing mold. Home owners… Read more »

6 Common Composite Decking Problems

composite decking. composite problems. trex deck. vinyl decking

Composite decking is all the rage.  We love the idea of maintenance free and don’t mind paying extra for that convenience.  Composite has been around for years and in that time, plenty of advancements have been made to improve the brand and products.  However, like any material, there are still a few problems that you… Read more »

The Best Advice for Refinishing a Pergola

pergola. staining pergola. refinish pergola

Pergolas create another level of wood framing on a patio or deck. They add dimension and a unique design element. Similar to decks, wooden pergolas are susceptible to water and sun damage as they age. Every few years home owners should refinish their pergola the same way they do their deck. Here are a few… Read more »