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How to Select the Best Pressure Treated Wood for Decking

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Pressure treated wood is the most common choice for deck wood.  However, after you decide to use pressure treated wood, you still need to choose how treated you want the wood, and you may be in an area where you have access to more than one of the three most common types of pressure treated… Read more »

Best New Deck Designs for 2017 Decks

deck design, new deck design trends

Depending on the size, area, and functionality your new deck there are many options to choose from. From wraparound decks, builder’s decks, small deck designs, and rooftop deck retreats the choices are endless. I will go over all of the decks identified and their benefits to your home.   Wraparound Decks These decks are very popular… Read more »

Reasons why Deck Power Washing is Harmful

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Power washing is a very popular technique that many companies and homeowners use to clean decks. Unfortunately this technique will damage your deck instead of help maintaining it. The problem occurs when people set the pressure too high, use the wrong technique, or install the wrong tip for their pressure washer. Also the older the wood,… Read more »

Most Common Problems with Deck Foundation

deck foundation problems, common problems with foundation damage

Decks can sink, crack, break apart, and collapse all because of deck foundation problems.  To repair a deck, you need to build temporary support posts, or you may need a hydraulic jack.  It sounds like a lot of work, but many of these problems are avoidable.  The main strategy in dealing with the problems is… Read more »

Best Tips for Fence Repair of Wooden Fences

fence repair tips and practices. how to refinish your fence.

A fence is an expensive investment and should be kept up and maintained as much as possible. It takes years for deterioration but with some harsh storms and cold winters a fence can fade quickly. Follow these fence repair steps to bring back the warm glow in your fence. Begin by cleaning fence Get all… Read more »