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Deck Wash, the Spa Treatment for Your Deck

deck wash, cleaning a wooden deck, deck refinish

Even decks need a good cleaning.  Despite what you think, the rain does not wash away the dirt found on your deck.  The good news is that you can clean your deck every year to remove dirt and discoloration.  Decks suffer from a variety of threats.  Some are unavoidable.  It’s important to keep your deck… Read more »

Is Your Deck Falling Apart?

deck falling apart, deck repair, refinish deck

Has your deck seen better days?  Lots of older decks show signs of severe damage.  However, there is still hope.  Consult a deck professional to find out what your options are.  Mot deck problems can be fixed with some TLC repair services.  Besides, well maintained outdoor spaces enhance your home. Here are some tips for… Read more »

Ellicott City Deck Refinishing

Ellicott city deck refinishing, deck repair, deck restore

The mid-size town of Ellicott City is filled with single-family homes.  Whether buying or selling an Ellicott City home, the real estate investments hold their value.  An easy way to increase property value is to have your deck restored.  The outdoor living spaces are just as important as the interior ones.  Curb appeal and backyard… Read more »

Book Quality Deck Repair in Maryland

maryland deck repair, quality deck repair

Wooden decks can be beautiful additions to your home.  They are also very difficult to maintain.  After a period of time, unprotected weather exposure damages the wood.  With a combination of skills needed, repairing your deck is beyond a DIY project.  If you need Maryland deck repair, hire a deck professional to properly restore the… Read more »

Get a Free Deck Estimate

free estimate, free deck estimate, deck repair

Is your deck in poor condition?  Have you noticed splitting boards or splintering wood?  Maybe your deck is old and unsafe.  If so, the best thing to do is get a free deck estimate on the repairs.  Getting an estimate is easy.  In this blog we outline the process of getting a deck repair estimate…. Read more »