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Increase Property Value with Howard County Deck Repair

Howard county deck repair, increase property value

Real estate investments in central Maryland are profitable.  The market in Howard County shows consistent value.  Both sellers and buyers benefit from a strong and fair market.  With a 96.8% listing to sale price, Howard County homes are priced well.  When you become a Howard County home owner, maintaining the value of your home is… Read more »

Pre-Season Discount on Deck Repair

discount deck repair, save on winter deck repair

Happy New Year!  Enjoy our gift of a pre-season rate.  Don’t wait until spring to get your deck in shape.  If your 2017 project list includes restoring your deck, take advantage of discount deck repair.  This early bird special guarantees the best rates of the year.   Call Deck Ready today. What’s Included in the Sale… Read more »

How to Build a Concrete Landing Pad for Deck Steps

concrete pad, deck landing pad, building deck steps

Deck steps are typically the last stage in the deck building process.  During this phase, step building includes securing the steps to the ground.  You have a few choices for attaching them safely.  The method we explore in this blog uses a concrete pad to create a landing.  Follow these helpful tips and advice to successfully… Read more »

Annapolis Deck Repair: Restoring Decks Along the Chesapeake Bay

Annapolis deck repair, restore deck in Annapolis, deck building

The beautiful bay-side town of Annapolis harbors plenty of deck baring homes.  For home owners living on the Chesapeake Bay, what better way to enjoy the outdoor life than from a deck in your own backyard.  With breathtaking views and enjoyable climates, the warmer months call for plenty of deck-going.   Deck in Bad Shape? Over time,… Read more »

What are the Most Common Deck Floor Designs?

decking design, how to build a deck,deck building

Not all decks are built the same.  Builders choose what kind of floor design to make.  We sometimes overlook the designs if they are simple and subtle.  In other cases, the design stands out as a decorative element of the deck.  Whether you build a new deck or replace the flooring of an existing structure,… Read more »