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Most Common Problems with Deck Foundation

deck foundation problems, common problems with foundation damage

Decks can sink, crack, break apart, and collapse all because of deck foundation problems.  To repair a deck, you need to build temporary support posts, or you may need a hydraulic jack.  It sounds like a lot of work, but many of these problems are avoidable.  The main strategy in dealing with the problems is… Read more »

Deck Extension- Best Practices for Expanding your Deck

What are the most common reasons for deck expansions?  Perhaps you want to meet the needs of a growing family. Or maybe you plan on hosting bigger get together with friends and family. Keep in mind expansion can be as complicated as setting up a new deck altogether. Following certain procedures and best practices eases… Read more »

Best Gazebo Building Tips

gazebo building. how to build a gazebo. gazebo trends

Traditional gazebos consist of octagonal structures with open or covered sides. The structure usually depends on the functions it is meant to perform. There are so many types and styles of gazebos. When you build a gazebo, first determine what kind of gazebo you want based on functions and design preferences. Here are a few… Read more »

Putting the Customer First with Modern Home Improvement Companies

Customer First Home Improvement Company

Customer service standards evolve with the times.  In today’s world poor customer service spreads like wildfire.  Sharing technology such as Facebook and Titter transformed word of mouth to word of post!   With this publicizing culture, companies face the pressure of providing outstanding customer service.  Home Improvement Companies come from a ‘set it and forget it’ attitude towards customers… Read more »