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Best New Deck Designs for 2017 Decks

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Depending on the size, area, and functionality your new deck there are many options to choose from. From wraparound decks, builder’s decks, small deck designs, and rooftop deck retreats the choices are endless. I will go over all of the decks identified and their benefits to your home.   Wraparound Decks These decks are very popular… Read more »

Benefits of Engineered Flooring

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Engineered wood flooring provides all of the benefits of a wood floor without the added headaches. A wood floor fills a home with a warm and comforting tone and engineered flooring is a great alternative. Multiple layers of plywood stacked together create the engineered floor. Layers glued and pressed yield a high level of quality and durability…. Read more »

How Long Does it Take to Build a Four Season Room?

four season room, how long does it take to build four season additon

Construction of a four season room is like a home extension project. There are many factors to consider when adding a wing to your existing home. However, the overall scale of the four season room project is much less complicated than a full fledged addition. To estimate how long building a four season room takes, you… Read more »

What is Design Build in Construction?

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Once you make the decision to build an addition or finish you basement, what’s the next step? Architect, general contractor, or a design build firm?   While in the past homeowners would call a contractor or construction manager and an architect, the new trend is to hire a design build firm.  This rapidly expanding segment… Read more »

Delivering Quality Control in the Home Improvement World

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Quality Control Quality Control is the most important concept to understand in the industry. During construction, maintaining quality work on time is essential. Supervision of projects requires consistent and an organized approach. Each phase of construction should be checked against the drawings, specifications, and conditions. Completing daily or weekly quality control inspections on your home during construction is advised…. Read more »