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Tips for How to Prevent Mold on your Deck

prevent mold. mold on deck. how to clean mold on deck

Mold is actually a generic term that includes fungi, algae, yeast and bacteria. Mold on decks is a health hazard as people breathe in the mold spores. It also makes  the deck slippery and unattractive.  Wooden decks require constant maintenance to preserve their beauty.  Part of deck maintenance is removing and preventing mold. Home owners… Read more »

6 Common Composite Decking Problems

composite decking. composite problems. trex deck. vinyl decking

Composite decking is all the rage.  We love the idea of maintenance free and don’t mind paying extra for that convenience.  Composite has been around for years and in that time, plenty of advancements have been made to improve the brand and products.  However, like any material, there are still a few problems that you… Read more »

Responsible Home Owners Need a Deck Safety Inspection Every Year

deck safety inspection. importance of deck safety

Do you own a deck?  The information in this article applies to every home owner with a deck in their outdoor living space.  Whether you use your deck frequently or barely at all, there is a safety concern that we are all responsible for addressing.  Here is helpful information we all need to know about… Read more »

7 Things you Need to Know About Building a Deck

Permitting Building a deck almost always requires a permit.  Builders need a permit to build decks over a certain height and size.  Each geographical area holds different permitting laws and codes to follow.  Start by researching the permitting requirements in your area before starting the project.  As a tip, your contractor should be familiar with permit… Read more »

Winterize your Deck. Preparing your Deck for Winter

Winterize Deck. Prepare Deck for Winter this Fall. Protect Deck from Winter

The fall is a season for celebration of the harvest, but also a time to prepare.  The latest home improvement trends lean toward a focus on outdoor living. With our outdoor living spaces so near and dear to our hearts, we have to care for them throughout the seasons.  Even though patios and decks are… Read more »