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Do Composite Decks Get Too Hot?

composite deck problems, heat of composite decks

There are so many advantages to composite decking.  Home owners spring for the investment because of the value in a maintenance free deck.  Although, all great things come with a few concerns.  One big question buyers ask is if composite decks get too hot.  Given the nature of deck enjoyment, most people like walking barefoot. … Read more »

Enjoy a New Composite Deck in 2017

new composite deck. build a composite deck in 2017

This year is the year!  You know you want a better outdoor living space and a new deck is the key.  If you are building new, you might as well consider wood alternative decking. That’s right, we mean composite.   Composite decking comes with plenty of benefits that make it the premium decking choice.  In addition… Read more »

Composite Decking Promotes Sustainable Living

recycled composite decking, sustainable decking, green products

As conscientious consumers, we want to feel good about the purchases we make.  When we make a positive impact through buying things we want, it’s a win-win.  Larger purchases, like with home remodeling rarely impact anyone outside of the home owners.  Well, that’s not the case with recycled composite decking.  Manufacturers produced composite decking to provide… Read more »

Buy Composite Decking for Maintenance Free Outdoor Living

buy composite decking, install composite decking, vinyl railing

Outdoor living allows us to entertain, relax and dine in our own natural settings.  The deck sets the stage (literally) for the outdoor living experience.  This year, buy composite decking and enjoy the many advantages.  In addition to the beautiful look of composite, the material gives home owners a maintenance free deck.  With the ever-aging… Read more »

Build a New Deck: Create the Perfect Outdoor Living Space

build a new deck, deck building, deck building service

A beautiful new deck gives you an outdoor space for relaxing, dining, and entertaining.  A backyard deck works as an extension of your home.  Modern home remodeling focuses on outdoor living.  From patios to gazebos, we love outdoor structures that encourage us to get some more fresh air.  A great way to improve the outdoor… Read more »