Winterize your Deck. Preparing your Deck for Winter

Winterize your Deck. Preparing your Deck for Winter


The fall is a season for celebration of the harvest, but also a time to prepare.  The latest home improvement trends lean toward a focus on outdoor living. With our outdoor living spaces so near and dear to our hearts, we have to care for them throughout the seasons.  Even though patios and decks are forgotten about in the chilling months of winter, they require maintenance in their off season.  We are familiar with covering the pool and prepping the flowerbeds for snow.  What about your deck  If the Woolly Worms are correct, we are in for a sever winter filled with snow.  Winterize your deck for proper protection.

Give it  a Good Cleaning

The first step to preparing your deck for winter is to give it a thoroughly cleaning.  Avoid using power/ pressure washers because their abrasive nature damages the wood’s grain.  Start by hosing the deck down.  You can scrub the deck with car brushes.  Another option is to invest in a formulated deck wash.  All of these steps will remove the dirt, pollen and mildew that accumulated over the summer.


Winterize Deck. Protect deck from snow and rain. Prevent Water Damage on Deck


Clear Off Furniture

A good rule of thumb for winterizing the deck is to clear off and store all of your furniture.  After the fall season, your chairs and umbrellas are useless.  They are more prone to rust and damage left out to withstand winter weather.  Make a plan to store furniture, flower pots, and all outdoor living decor in a garage until next spring.  Not only will this step help winterize your deck, it also prolongs the lifespan of your furniture.


Inspect for Safety

It’s always a smart idea to evaluate the condition of your deck while you can.  Meaning, during extreme cold and snow you are less likely to spend time inspecting your deck because you probably aren’t using it.  Each winter your deck endures a combination of unpleasant winter conditions.  Being that water is wood’s worst enemy, a proper safety inspection before the first snow fall is best.  Deck Safety Tips provides plenty of helpful tips for deck inspections.


Protect the Wood

You may be thinking spring is the best time of year to spruce up your deck.  Actually, sealing the wood before the harshest season is the most effective way to protect your deck from further damage.  Deck companies are still actively working in the fall and may even offer promotions for end of the season sales.  If your deck is in need of repair, waiting until the spring will only make the condition worse and more expensive!  Invest in deck restoration that will coat the wood before it’s too late.


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