Top Tips for Remodeling a Small Kitchen

Top Tips for Remodeling a Small Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the house.  At least the source of our daily fuel.  Out of all of the rooms in the home, kitchens become cluttered faster than most.  With a small kitchen, space limitations inconvenience the home owner.  If this is the case in your home, maybe it’s time for a renovation.  Here are some professional tips for your small kitchen remodel. small kitchen remodel. design plans for small kitchen.

Function Focused

With smaller kitchen spaces, the best renovation plans focus on the must haves.  Take some time to decide which elements of the kitchen are most important.  Ask yourself the following questions: do you cook often?  Do you plan to entertain?  What appliances, wares, and utensils do you need?  Base your design around the everyday functions you perform in the kitchen.  Narrowing in on the essentials allows you to remodel with primary functions in mind.  Keep the kitchen simple for the type of cooking that suits your lifestyle.How to Save with Winter Kitchen Remodeling small kitchen remodel. glass cabinets in kitchen. kitchen renovation ideas

Open Cabinets

A popular trend is glass front or open cabinets.  Instead of hiding china and glassware behind wooden cupboards, try putting them on display in open shelving.  Open cupboards reduce the closed in feeling and make your kitchen appear more spacious.  Also, the ‘on display’ nature of your wares encourages organization. Get rid of random mismatched pieces to save on space. small kitchen remodel. small kitchen storage. kitchen design

Creative Storage

Maximizing the space means optimizing your storage.  Consider options for using every bit of wasted space more effectively.  Extend your cabinets to the ceiling.  Tall cabinets provide storage for those rarely used items like turkey pans and holiday china.  Another creative technique is to design furniture that has built in storage potential.  High tables allow you to tuck away bar stools.  Hanging racks for pots and pans save cabinet space and add decorative charm to your kitchen. small kitchen remodel. kitchen floor design. new floor for small kitchen

Flooring is Key

Despite the beauty of new appliances, counter-tops and fixtures, people notice the kitchen floor.  Changing the flooring transforms the space.  Bold floor patterns, strategically designed can help elongate a kitchen’s appearance.  We love classic checkered tiles, however, try having them laid in a diagonal format as opposed to squarely. small kitchen remodel. design tips for small ktichen


An island counter gives the kitchen additional work space as well as additional storage.  When counter space is limited because of appliances and a sink, try adding an island for functional work space.  Islands can house hidden trashcans and additional drawers. Islands come in various sizes and styles and even a small square island improves kitchen renovation. small kitchen remodel. remodeling small kitchen. how to save space in kitchen

Reflective Material

Glass helps create the illusion of more space.  Consider using reflective materials such as stainless steel and mirrors.  Substitute mirrors for traditional tile as a back splash above cabinets or decoration on the walls.  White paint also works to reflect light, giving the appearance of a more open space.  White colored gloss finished cabinets are great for small kitchens.

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