Top 5 best grills for your deck

Top 5 best grills for your deck


To avoid general maintenance issues with your deck it is important to purchase a grill that will hold its value. With so many grills on the market it can be confusing as to which one is the best grill for your deck.  We have compiled a list of 5 grills that will go great on your deck. Enhance your outdoor living experience with these top notch grills:


best grill brands for outdoor cookingWeber Original Kettle Series

Weber builds a product that is not just safe but maintains its quality over an extremely long time. Their Original Kettle Series has set the standard in back yard or deck charcoal grilling. With its many models the Original Kettle Series provides many options and sizes to accompany any customers needs. These grills offer an easy clean up and are moved from place to place with ease.


best grill options for ultimate grilling

Big Green Egg

This Big Green Egg can serve as a grill, smoker, and an oven. It is offered in 5 different sizes from “XLarge” which is equipped with shelves and room inside to easily cook for a crowd of 10, to their “Mini” size which is fit for small picnics. With the multi-tasked skills of this cooker also comes a high price. The average Large size will set you back about $1000.  Consider the Big Green Egg as the best grill for multi-purpose outdoor cooking.


Weber Genesis Series

best grill choices for best barbecue food

This gas grill is one of the ultimate grills on the market. It is made with extremely high quality materials and will get hot fast and for the long run. Liquid propane gas or natural gas can both be used as fuel. Burning gas to heat this grill provides a fast and easy way to get your grill heated quickly. It includes a searing section that heats hotter than the others for when you would like to sear your meat. This grill is easily portable with 4 wheels on the bottom but could cause a headache up and down stairs.


Char-Griller Akorn Kooker

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This Akorn Kooker charcoal grill is great for cooking all day. It holds heat very well and would pit perfectly for an all day event. With an all ceramic body and one single vent at the top this grill can cook hot for long periods of time. The upside of this cooker is that it uses minimal charcoal to get hot and is easily moved from place to place.


Weber Q Series

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With its charcoal brother is on the top of our list there is no surprise that Weber’s durable gas grill wouldn’t join it. The Weber Q series provides a quality gas grill that is on two wheels and is easily moveable. It heats quick and like its charcoal brother will maintain its value for quite some time. Made in a few different models this grill comes in at a low price and provides great value.


Decision-Making Time

Before making a decision about which grill you would like to buy do research on each brand and model. This will ensure you are making the right purchase. Choosing either charcoal or gas is one of your biggest decisions. Some people feel uncomfortable with charcoal on their deck while others do not consider it a problem. If grilling, please follow manufacturers instructions to ensure that you will not have any problems.