Top 9 deck furniture brands for outdoor living

Top 9 deck furniture brands for outdoor living

patio furniture, best outdoor funitureThere are many different brands of patio furniture, and each one offers something different.  Before you choose a brand, ask yourself what you want your patio to say.  It may say something simple, or it may push boundaries. 


Agio makes classic outdoor furniture.  They have chairs and tables for different environments, and so they have many choices.  In their catalog, you will find great furniture for the city or the country.  Their strength is their versatility.  You can consider Agio a strong choice no matter where you live.

Brown Jordan

Brown Jordan is a top brand with over 30 collections, and they feature many styles.  They pride themselves on their designers, and so they feature biographies that show their designer’s qualifications on their website.  Often, home owners view Brown Jordan as the best money can buy.  However, they are expensive.

Cast Classics

Cast Classics is a father and son company.  It started small in southern California, but, it is now a top name in patio furniture.  People know them for quality and design.  They focus their efforts on aluminum patio furniture with a classic look and offer fewer varieties of woven furniture.  The main problem with Cast Classics is that their furniture is often out of stock, so you may need to pre-order.

Forever Patio

Forever Patio’s furniture is low-cost, and it focuses on toughness.  They have been around for ten years, and they value customer relations and put emphasis on assisting you in every part of the decorating process.  In many cases, Forever Patio is the best company to buy if you are concerned about weather damage.  Further, they offer many styles, and they satisfy most needs.


Ebel started making furniture in 1988.  They advertise as high style and low maintenance, and additionally, they are the number one green choice.  They make furniture that you can recycle if you need to replace it.  Most of this furniture is wicker and woven, and so it looks great near water.  Ebel is a guilt-free choice in furnishing.

Alfresco Home

Alfresco Home is low-cost.  They make five styles of furniture in addition to fire pits, cooking furniture, and ceramics.  Their furniture is a high-quality, classic choice, and so it is well suited to most environments. 

Erwin and Sons

Erwin and Sons started making furniture in 1985.  They have ten product lines that offer products from faux-wood furniture to sink vanities.  Most of all, they use over two-hundred fabrics in their products, so they have variety.  Their classic furniture often puts high emphasis on luxury, and so you can count on it being comfortable.


Hanamint makes chairs and tables with metal finishes.  If you want metal furniture, then consider buying Hanamint.  They make furniture with both classic and modern looks, and their emphasis on metal furniture means the furniture is durable.  They have fourteen collections, and they reside in North Carolina.

Lloyd Flanders

Lloyd Flanders has twenty-three collections.  They have a process called Lloyd Loom that they use to weave furniture.  Their emphasis on woven furniture in neutral colors means their chairs have a great, summer feeling.  Their products look great by the water.

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