Top 10 Best Deck Colors for 2017

Top 10 Best Deck Colors for 2017

All decks need to be painted or stained.  Covering the wood protects the surface from sunlight, water, and high traffic damaging.  Sometimes the hardest part is choosing the right color.  Sherwin Williams carries an enormous variety of deck colors to choose from.  So, with so many options, which color is right for your deck?  Well, here are our top 10 deck color picks for 2017.  All of these colors are Super Deck Duck Back products.Super Deck Solid Colors

Wedgewood Blue

Gray is the new neutral.  Homeowners choose gray for both composite and wood decking.  The softness of gray complements almost any house color.  This year, we recommend taking traditional gray to the next level with Wedgewood Blue the color belongs in the gray family with beautiful cool undertones of muted blue.  Weather you have white siding or stone, this choice makes for a fantastic deck color. deck colors, best deck colors, sahara, deck stain
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Starting with the softer tones, Sahara provides a delicate taupe color.  The solid earth tone creates a rich but natural look.  The nature-made color goes well with any pattern or accent.  The color doesn’t compete with the array of hues found in your yard.  Let the flowers and greenery pop against the subtle wood stain. We recommend using Sarah for the flooring and top rails with white balusters for contrast. 

Traditional Cedar

If you want your deck stain color to resemble natural wood, try using traditional cedar.  The color is a modest brown that mimics natural cedar.  Traditional cedar provides a happy medium between sand tones and darker browns. deck colors, new deck colors, red deck stain
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Traditional Navajo

Sticking with the ‘traditionals,’ we also love Traditional Navajo Red.  This deep, rich red hinders on maroon with its brown undertones.  Traditional Navajo Red compliments brick homes and creates a dramatic pop in any yard. 

Coast Redwood

Coast Redwood is a semi-transparent stain color.  In the redwood family, bold hues of red shine through the wood’s grain.  Semi-transparent stains enhance the natural elements of the wood.  Coast Redwood provides a deeply rich color that transforms a deck. 


People pay lots of money to make things look vintage.  The same approach works for refinishing decks.  Instead of a solid, bright color, try a semi-transparent that creates a vintage feel.  Seashell is a great deck color for a country-chic appeal.  The faded white/gray stain works well for a classic cottage feel. deck colors, dark brown deck stain, earthen deck paint
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Perhaps soft and light are not your thing.  That’s ok, we have best deck colors for everyone.  If you’re more of a dark and bold kind of person, we recommend Earthen.  As one of the deepest brown colors available, Earthen succeeds at creating contrast.  Lots of stone and brick houses have accents of dark brown.  Bring the darker colors out with a deep brown deck. 


I know what you’re thinking; green?  Yes green!  Pear is a beautiful combination of olive and sage that offers just enough earthiness to work.  After all, painting is a chance to change things up.  Instead of going the traditional route, try using a fun color.  Natural wood accents like wooden dining tables look amazing against a Pear colored deck. deck colors, dark gray stain, deck staining
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Wet Clay

Brown isn’t the only dark deck color on the block.  Another safe choice in the new neutral family is dark gray.  Wet Clay provides just enough color to saturate the wood in dark smoky shades of gray.  Wet Clay often complements both siding and roofing colors. 

Traditional Chocolate

Our last deck color choice is not exactly a new one.  However, its classic appeal makes it a popular favorite every year.  Just like the name, Traditional Chocolate is irresistible.  Creamy, rich medium-dark brown turns a plain deck into a warm and inviting space.

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