The Ins and Outs of Winter Grilling on the Back Deck

The Ins and Outs of Winter Grilling on the Back Deck


Don’t let winter keep you from grilling.  Just because the weather is freezing doesn’t mean you can’t make your favorite grilled dishes. Overall, grilling in the winter is much the same as it is in other months, except that it is colder.  Here are some tips for winter grilling.


winter grilling in the snow, using the grill in the winter

Shovel Snow:

This is incredibly important.  If it has snowed lately, make sure to shovel a clear pathway from your door to your grill.  Further, make a path around the grill in case something happens that causes you to have to walk around the grill.  It would be terrible to slip when grilling.  Shoveling the snow not only makes moving around easier, it makes grilling in the snow safer.


winter grilling, dress for winter cooking, winter deck use

Dress Appropriately:

If you’re grilling in the cold, then prepare yourself to stand in the cold.  Grilling can take a little while, and the cold weather isn’t going to speed things up.  It is important that you dress warmly so that you can focus on the food and the hot grill in front of you.  Likewise, don’t wear anything that dangles.  Scarves, coats with loose fabric, and hats with strings are all potential fire hazards.  Pay attention to what you’re wearing and what’s happening around you to avoid accidents.


winter grilling, winter deck use

Take a Flashlight or Turn on Outdoor Lights:

The sun sets much earlier in the winter.  This tip is as much about safety as the first two.  If you cannot comfortably see what is happening around you, an accident is more likely to happen.  Take a flashlight or make sure there are lights to illuminate the way.


Be Aware of Cooking Times:

Cooking times will lengthen in the winter because the air around the food is colder.  Although the cold does not effect the flame itself, it does mean that the air will be colder, and you will have to grill some foods longer and may even need to add more coal or adjust the heat on a propane grill to compensate.


Bring Extra Fuel:

Since you might be grilling longer than you had expected, it’s important to bring extra fuel.  This is most important for people using charcoal grills.  You may want to start grilling with more coal than you might have used otherwise, and you need to be prepare to add more.


Don’t Grill Under an Overhang:

It may be tempting to shelter your grill under an overhang, but don’t.  Smoke and heat put off by the grill are dangerous.


winter grilling, cooking on the deck in the snow

Transport your Food in Cast Iron or Ceramic:

Cast iron and ceramic take longer to heat than metal trays or dinner plates.  Using containers made of cast iron and ceramic will ensure the food stays hot and help you to focus on what’s in front of you.  You won’t be worried about running inside if your food stays hot and you’re dressed warmly.


Check out this video for more Winter Grilling Tips:


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