4 Benefits of Installing a Metal Roof

4 Benefits of Installing a Metal Roof


Deciding whether to use a metal roof can be difficult.  Many home owners install asphalt shingle roofs.  So many, that you may not give using asphalt shingling a second thought.  However, metal roofing offers many benefits.  Often, metal roofing is the better choice.  Here are just four benefits of installing a metal roof.

metal roof. longevity of metal roofing.

1. Longevity

Asphalt shingling degrades the moment it is attached to the roof.  Home owners have to replace asphalt shingles about every 15 years.  On the other hand, metal roofing is permanent.  Metal roofing lasts the lifespan of the house.  It requires minimal maintenance and virtually no repair.


metal roof. energy efficiency of metal roofing

2. Fuel Savings

Homes with metal roofing will save on heating and cooling costs.  These saving are roughly twenty percent.  Understanding energy savings with a metal roof means understanding its heating factors.  On an 80 degree, sunny day, an asphalt roof can heat up to 130 degrees.  By contrast, a metal roof will heat to only about 90 degrees.  This means the roof of a home with a metal roof is significantly cooler.  In general, metal roofs never increase the temperature of the home.

metal roof benefits. environmental benefits of metal roofing

3. Environmental Impact

The environmental benefits of using a metal roof are significant. There are three major environmental benefits.  The first is that asphalt roofing is made using oil and metal roofing is not.  Manufacturers use roughly 600 gallons of oil  to make an average asphalt roof.  With metal roofing, oil usage in construction is not an issue.

Second, contractors have to dispose of old asphalt shingles. One option is to send them to a landfill.  However, a better option is to recycle them.  Clearly, using metal roofing is better for the environment than sending the old shingles to a landfill.  However, it is also better than recycling old shingles. In addition to eliminating reusable material concerns,  the labor costs are lower.

Third, metal roofing eliminates the chemical runoff of asphalt.  Asphalt roofing leaks lead, arsenic, and mercury into rain runoff.  These chemicals will leak into the ground water and can potentially pollute well water.


4. Lower Insurance Premiums

Many home insurance companies reduce premiums for homes with metal roofs.   Overall, metal roofs improve ratings for wind load, are safer against fire, and rate better against hail damage.  All these attributes of metal roofing can be leveraged with home insurance companies.

There are many benefits of metal roofing.  Keep in mind that metal roofs are custom made and are just as versatile as other roofing materials. Consider a metal when deciding which material to use for your roof.

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