Sunroom Design Trends

Sunroom Design Trends


Sunrooms have been around for centuries, evolving from the English conservatory. They integrate natural elements of the outside setting while maintaining the protection of an enclosed shelter. Sunrooms can become the most utilized room of a house.  When designed and decorated well, they optimize a four season functionality. Here are some sunroom design ideas to consider when remodeling or building your sunroom.


Natural Colors

Sunrooms are an extension of your interior, but also a part of your outside landscape. They were originally meant for enjoying the view of nature from the inside. The colors you choose should complement the interior design of your existing home, as well as the outside setting. The easiest way to create a cohesive aesthetic is to start with neutral shades and tones.  Neutrals blend well inside and out. Tans, whites, off white, and grays will maintain the natural, clean, and open feel the sun room is meant to provide. Keep in mind that in terms of color, you are competing with the trees, flowers, and foliage the sun room exposes. Allow the beautiful setting to stand out by featuring soft and subtle colors on the walls and flooring.


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No sunroom is complete without comfortable and inviting furniture. What better way to enjoy the space than with a great conversational seating arrangement? In terms of placement, arrange the furntiture face the windows to maximize outside views. While you may think outdoor furniture is the most appropriate option,new trends feature indoor sofas chairs and tables, adding an element of class and style to the room. This means you should reserve the wicker and wood furniture for the deck and yard. Incorporating cloth fabrics will warm up the room and promote the comfortable setting you are hoping for.



Before making a purchase, first consider the social functions you want your sunroom to serve. If your sunroom is a smaller space with the sole function of lounging, a sofa, complimenting chairs and coffee table will do the trick. If you have a larger sun room and plan on multi-purpose entertaining, consider a mini bar or formal dining table and chairs. Function and comfort should be the driving forces behind your design choices.


Decorative Accents

Just like every other room in your home, the sunroom should incorporate personal touches that make it a unique space. While we suggest starting with a neutral palate, bring in pops of pattern and color with throw pillows. Pillows are an easy way to add texture and color.  They also make the space more inviting for your family and guests.



]Another key component of a well decorated sun room is life! Plants are crucial to blending outdoor elements of nature with interior design. The natural sun light of a sunroom is perfect for maintaining indoor plants. Add a few plants to the corners of the room or as a centerpiece on top of coffee and end tables. The greenery will be a complimenting addition to any sun room. Make sure to also consider the floor. Because the walls of a sunroom are made up of windows, forget about pictures, shelves, and wall hangings. Instead, you should turn your focus to the floor. A simple area rug can warm up the room and introduce an additional textile.

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Well executed design reflects the intended functionality of the home owner, while achieving the desired mood. The sunroom is a wonderful place for relaxation. The best way to promote a relaxing environment is to keep it simple. With the surroundings of nature, less is more!


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