Stamped Concrete Design Ideas

Stamped Concrete Design Ideas


Stamped concrete opens a world of options for home owners looking to pave their driveways, walkways, patios, and pool decks.  Custom forms and poured concrete allow endless possibilities for shapes, styles, and design.  In addition to color tinting, stamp patterns create the look of stone pavers.  Another cool characteristic are decorative touches like brushed edges and border designs.  When planning your stamped concrete project, have fun considering some of the following concrete design ideas.


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Two Tone

Why settle for just one concrete color when you can add contrast by featuring two?  A two-toned patio enhances the overall aesthetics.  It also differentiates sections, borders, or individual shapes of the pattern.  Try trimming a traditional gray patio with a bold red border.  Or, create a design like a compass and have it stained a brighter color than the rest of the patio for maximum effect.  Similar to modern composite decking trends, two tone patios offer a dynamic appeal for your outdoor living space.


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Decorative Border

Companies stamp concrete to mimic natural stone and brick pavers.  In addition, they also stamp creative designs like indoor stencils.  Create a truly unique space with a personalized touch by adding grape vines or leaves to your stamped concrete project.  We find these decorative stamps work best along the border of the paved area, or as a focal point in the center.  Special design stamps make a great frame around traditional stamps.  Steps also work well as an ideal place to add some detail with specialty stamps.


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Shape Shifting- Curved Concrete Design

Abandon the idea of a typical asymmetrical concrete pad.  Instead, imagine curved shapes or even a circular layout.  With stamped concrete, the forms are laid out in practically any design you can imagine.  Pouring concrete allows for driveways and pool decks to hug the natural landscape.  Incorporate some softer lines with a curvilinear approach to your paved surfaces.  Design ideas include a driveway that fans out at the bottom, a windy walkway that weaves around trees, or curving patio without sharp corners.


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Directional Changes

This Design Idea is the simplest to accomplish.  It’s also the most cost effective for the concrete team.  By turning the stamps in different directions, you can change the overall appearance.  Trim the paved space stamped shapes that are opposite the rest of the concrete.  Or, alternate directions throughout to achieve design variation.

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