Save Big with Winter Deck Project

Save Big with Winter Deck Project


As soon as the warm weather hits home owners scramble to get their outdoor living spaces ready.  With such a short season, we have limited time to take on exterior projects.  Maximize the use of your renovated outdoor living spaces by getting the projects started early.  For instance, deck repair companies can start restoration in the winter.  There are plenty of advantages around starting deck restoration early.  Here are a few reasons why you should book your winter deck restoration now.

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Save Those Pennies

Like any home improvement project, deck renovations cost a pretty penny.  As opposed to power-washing, a complete resurfacing takes a lot of work.  As a labor-intensive job, the work is best if performed by professionals.  With this kind of project, smart home owners shop for the best prices.  One way to save big on deck restoration is to book the job during the off-season.  Companies offer discounted rates for off-season work.  Waiting until the spring or even summer in prime season means you pay top dollar.  Take advantage of timing by contacting deck repair companies in January and February before their prices increase.


Be First In Line

With the increased demand for deck repair in the spring and summer, customers wait weeks and even months to have their projects started.  Busy companies place you in a queue and work down the line.  They service customers in the order they booked.  Beat the lines by booking early.   In addition to saving with pre-season pricing, winter deck restoration also guarantee yourself a priority position in their job queue.

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Time to Cure

If your deck requires more than a quick face lift, you’ll want to get started early.  For example, when companies replace all of the floor boards, best practices recommend giving the wood time to dry.  Some professionals suggest one month.  If the boards were kept in a warehouse and have been drying, you can reduce the curing time to two weeks.  Either way, board replacement can extend a two day deck project into two or three weeks.  Technicians separate these types of projects into two phases: board replacement, and sanding/staining.  By starting with winter deck restoration, the wood has plenty of time to dry and shift before the next phase.

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