How to Save Big with Winter Kitchen Remodeling

How to Save Big with Winter Kitchen Remodeling

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Home Improvement projects can be pricey.  We often set a budget and end up over spending when all is said and done.  Cost adds up because of the materials we choose or the difficulty of the project.  Did you know that the time of year also affects the price?  That’s right, there is seasonality to certain home improvement jobs.  Shop and plan to have the work done during what is known as low season so that you can get the best bargain for your buck.  This blog outlines the money saving potential of having your kitchen remodeled during the winter.


Why Winter

You may assume that interior remodeling is done all year long.  This is true, however, the demand is greater in the warmer seasons.  Every industry tries to maximize their calendar with steady work all year long.  When incoming work falls off, they create selling incentives for the slower months.  The good news is, with this information, you can plan your kitchen remodeling around these incentives.  Take advantage of the savings!

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A good contractor is hard to find.  Especially when they are busy and overwhelmed with too many customers at once.  Customers often end up finding a DIY alternative or going with their second or third choice based on availability.  Chances are, in the winter, even the best contractors look for work.  You have a better chance of securing that top notch contractor your friend has been raving about.  With more availability, the contractor spends more time with the customer.  Instead of a rushing through the project so that they can get on to the next one in their queue, they have the time to walk you through the process. They’ll also be able to perform a better with a single streamed focus.  You may even be able to negotiate pricing with more leverage in a slower season.




Most home improvement projects cost so much because of the labor.  With kitchen remodeling, the new appliances make up a big part of the budget.  Refrigerators, ovens, and dishwashers are expensive.  With home improvement season at a lull in the winter, manufacturers and stores reduce appliance costs.  These items sell less in colder months so the stores discount the price hoping to improve their chances of you buying.  Wait until the winter and enjoy the savings of cheaper prices for your new appliances.



Normally, getting a permit for home improvement work takes forever.  Between the lines at the local government offices and the approval wait time, permitting throws a wrench into your project.  Not the case in the winter.  The government offices are less busy and they process your paperwork a lot faster.  Save time and frustration by planning your kitchen remodeling in the winter to avoid the hassle.


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