Safely Clean Your Deck

Safely Clean Your Deck


Most people probably think the rain rinses your deck clean.  Sadly, water acts as the number one threat to a healthy wooden deck.  Every year your deck endures damage from weather, foot traffic, and whatever furniture it supports.  Learn about the safest and most effective way to clean your deck.  When you invest in safe deck cleaning, you prolong the lifespan and keep the deck looking beautiful.


Beware of Power Washing

The idea that you need annual power washing is a myth.  Actually, power washing your deck is the worst thing you can do.  The abrasive nature of pressure washing the wood strips it.  The pressure also pushes dirt particles and water into your deck boards.  This process traps dirt and moisture inside the wood, causing long-term damage.  Many home owners use power washing to strip old paint and stain.  With repeated power washing, decks suffer severely.


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Best Deck Cleaning Practice

The safest and best way to “strip” your deck is by sanding it.  After all, wood always benefits from a good sanding.  Even sanding removes the damaged top layers of wood safely.  This is the best way to safely clean your deck because the sander promotes a smooth surface without using water.  Start with a tough grit and work your way into a fine grit.  Sanding can remove old stain and paint, smooth out the surface and eliminate surface mold.  When you finish, your deck looks fresh and new.  Sanding also prepares the wood for staining.


Deck Wash

Older wood often oxidizes and turns grayish.  A great way to revive the beauty of the wood is by using a deck wash.  A specially formulated solution gives your deck exactly what it needs to remove staining.  Many home owners like the look of natural grain.  If your taste is a more natural wooden deck, use a deck wash to keep the wood vibrant.  Reduce fading and staining from weather and average use by applying a deck wash annually.  Formulated deck washes are the safest deck cleaning agent.


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