2017 Deck Restoration Cost: Average Cost to Refinish Your Deck

2017 Deck Restoration Cost: Average Cost to Refinish Your Deck

Wooden decks are beautiful additions to the exterior of your home, when they are well maintained.  However, maintaining your deck can be a pricey.  Popping nails, bowing boards, splintering on the surface are all indicators that it’s time to invest in restoration.  While a quick power wash and coat of stain can give you a temporary face lift, a total repair will maintain the deck better and longer.  The big question that we all consider when shopping for home improvement service is “how much will this cost me?”   How much will restoration of my deck cost? The answer depends on the common cost factors, as well as what area you live in.  Pricing trends vary based on demographics.  Here is a helpful guide to help you understand the cost of refinishing a deck.

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What is Deck RestorationWhen Decks Need RestorationCost Factors of Deck RestorationDIY Deck Restoration CostProfessional Deck Restoration Cost 

Defining Restoration

We can define deck restoration over a large scale of services including sand and stain, multi-step restoration, board replacement, and re-framing of foundation.  In order to provide you with the average deck cost of a restoration, we will first need to consider what kind of restoration is required.Sand and Stain: Sand and stain is a simple two-step process that works nicely for newer, well preserved wood.  If your boards are in good shape and you just need to even out stain color, change the color, or smooth out the surface, this is the perfect option. Fortunately, companies can offer a very affordable price because this type of restoration is less labor intensive.  It also requires less materials outside of the stain product.Board Replacement: Replacing boards requires a qualified framer.  Additionally, lumber is an expensive supply to factor into the project. Deck companies will suggest replacing any rotting, bowed, or severely cracked wood.  The more boards in need of replacement, the more expensive the service bill will be.  Good companies include a reasonable amount of board replacement in their standard restoration services. Make sure to identify which boards the company plans to replace.  If you have a deck in need of more than a few boards here and there, expect to pay significantly more than the average cost of a standard repair.Total Board Replacement: Do you have a solid structure with very damaged boards?  You may be happy with the design of your deck, but in need of new wood on the entire floor, steps, and railings.  Weather damages wood year after year.  Eventually wood reaches the end of its lifespan.  Unfortunately, this kind of repair costs the home owner a pretty penny.6 Step Deck Restoration: We specialize in a service that offers a solution between a yearly maintenance and a total rebuild.  The service involves moderate board replacement, total board repair, sanding followed by an acid wash and staining.  The board repair includes sealing all horizontal cracks, steps, and hand rails with an epoxy polymer. This step is followed by commercial grade floor sanding paired with spindle and rail hand sanding.  To complete the process, an acid wash cleanses the surface and prepares the wood for the two applications of oil based self-priming stain. 

Deck Cost Factors

For each type of restoration common cost factors contribute to the price.  Companies consider these three main factors when developing the estimate.  Knowing how they determine pricing empowers you to recognize cost vs value.Deck Size: In all scenarios, the size of the deck is the number one factor determining cost.  The bigger the deck, the more expensive the job.  Bigger decks take longer to refinish (aka more labor hours) as well as more materials.Material Needs: Another key cost factor is the amount of lumber needed.  Wood prices add up when you need more than a board or two.  It also costs more money to change out boards than it would to sand and stain them; harder work=higher prices.Condition: The last main deck cost is the condition of the deck.  Older, damaged decks cost more to restore than newer ones.  Repairing structural problems increases the cost substantially. 

Additional Costs

Now that we have discussed the ‘meat’ of deck restoration pricing, it’s time to discuss the additional deck cost.  Restoration services typically include repair, cleaning, sanding, and staining.  But, does that include the entire deck?  Are there any parts left out?Add Ons: Having extras resurfaced such as posts, lattice, and benches cost additional money.  Some decks have multiple posts each over 10 feet tall.  Lattice around the bottom of the deck may not be included either.  These surfaces usually cost around $3 per square foot or linear foot to sand and stain.Structural Repair: Inspecting for deck safety is a complimentary part of the service.  However, structural repairs are not.  During the safety inspection, professionals point out weakness in need of attention.  Adding support to a deck ranges between a few hundred dollars and a few thousand.  Exact pricing depends on which structural elements need repair.  Replacing a rotting support beams or rebuilding steps turns your restoration into a rebuild. 

DIY vs Professional Deck Restoration Cost

Of course, taking on a project yourself is less expensive than paying a professional.  Provided you consider your own labor ‘free,’ DIY costs cover materials and tools only.  Quality deck stains range between $30 and $50 per gallon.  Factor one gallon per 75 square feet of surface. Keep in mind the exact amount of stain needed depends on how porous the wood is.  Our estimations are based on two coats of stain.  With the DIY model, factoring in some tools, brushes, etc, expect to spend between $200 and $500 for an average size deck.Professional restoration pricing factors in the cost of materials, labor costs, and any overhead associated with the job.  Expect to spend between $8.00 and $16.00 per square foot of surface refinished.  Unlike DIY refinishing, professional grade renovations run in the thousands. 

How to Cut Deck Cost on Deck Restoration

Timing is Everything: So, now that we have determined deck restoration costs a pretty penny, are there ways to save?  Well of course there are!  One of the best ways to save money on any home remodeling project is to plan the work around the industry slow season.  For outdoor work, spring summer and early fall are booming.  Prices remain competitive, but higher because of the demand.  Take advantage of a pre-season sale.  In addition to getting early bird specials, you’ll be first in line to have the work completed.  No need to wait!Stick with the Basics: Deck restoration is a complicated service.  Avoid customizing and adding services.  If the standard service includes x, y, and z, don’t ask about q.  For example, choosing two colors instead of one takes the installers longer.  Most companies charge extra for applying two different colors.Ask About Specials: Not all companies advertise their savings opportunities.  You never know unless you ask.  Offer enticing collateral such as providing referrals and reviews.  Great companies live for positive reviews.  They feel more inclined to drop the price in exchange for you promoting their services. 

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