Replace your Door- Add some Color!

Replace your Door- Add some Color!


Beautiful entry doors communicate the warm nature of the home.  Additionally, they welcome the visitor to the comfortable living spaces inside.  Choose an entry door that reflects your personal style and flare.  In fact, the exterior design of your home is just as important as the interior.  By all means, enhance your curb appeal with a new entryway.  When you are shopping to replace your door, add some color!

Replace your door

The Red Door

First let’s start with the traditional color options.  Home owners commonly install black, white, brown (natural wood), and red.  In contrast to today’s multitude of options, red was the only bright option.  Red is the pioneer of bright door color.   In fact, red has always been a popular option because of its meaning.  So, you’re probably wondering, why red?  Not only is a red door attractive, it also has historical significance.  To explain, there are three logical explanations for the red door.  Each school of thought presents an interesting point of view.

According to the Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui, a red door means “welcome.”  Fitting that the place where energy enters should be a welcoming threshold.   A red door in American tradition signifies a welcoming place for traveling visitors.  The red door served as a friendly greeting of invitation.  In addition to welcoming guests, red symbolizes protection from evil based on biblical history.


A Colorful Introduction

Modern design features more expressive use of color.  In which case, you can push the boundaries.  Replace your door and add a bright color.  In general, have fun with bright colors that complement the architecture.  After all, an entry door introduces the visitor to the family that lives inside.  For more information, check out How to Pull Off a Bold Front Door Paint Color for helpful tips.

ProVia state of the art energy efficient doors are customizable in a variety of fun and vibrant colors like Forest Green, Geneva Blue, and Primrose Yellow.  Play around with color options by using the design visualizer tool.  Additionally, you can even upload a photo of your own home to test out different color ideas.

Replace your door


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