How to Prepare for Hanging Holiday Lights

How to Prepare for Hanging Holiday Lights


Stringing holiday lights can be daunting.  You may want sparse lights to accent only parts of your house, or you may want loads of lights.  Either way, the important thing is that you plan ahead.


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Which Lights to Use:

It’s important to note that traditional Christmas lights are less available than they used to be.  However, you can usually still find them in large stores.  The first thing you need to do when decorating your house with Christmas lights is to decide whether to use LEDs or traditional lights.  Each type of light has advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages and disadvantages of the two types of lights are how much the lights tangle, the clarity of the color, how much energy they use, how bright they are, and how durable they are.

  • Show clearer colors.
  • Are more durable.
  • Use less energy.
  • Allow you to string more strands together.
Traditional lights:
  • Shine brighter.
  • Tangle less and so they are significantly easier to handle.

Although traditional lights have fewer advantages, many people still like them more because they are much easier to handle.  For some, the convenience that traditional lights offer is the most important aspect of which lights to purchase.  So, you need to decide which type of light you want for yourself.


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Start by Planning:

Now that you know which type of holiday lights you plan on using, you can start by planning where you are going to hang lights on your house.  First, identify a focal point.  Next, measure straight lines around all the areas you want to light, and last, measure from your power source to where you are stringing your lights.  With these areas measured, you can begin to identify how many strands of lights you need.

Test Your Lights and Prepare:

You now know where you are going to hang your lights, how many lights you will need, and how you are going to power your lights.  It is time to start by testing your lights and attaching any necessary clips.  If you are going to decorate the edges of your roof, then you should buy gutter and shingle clips.  Or, if you are going to light a walkway, then you should buy stake clips.  Attach your clips before you begin placing lights to ensure the clips face the same way and to minimize any time you need to spend on a ladder or on your roof.


Decide where you Want to Start:

The most important part about hanging holiday lights is that you plan ahead.  Some people choose to start at the roof and work their way down, while others prefer to start at the ground and work their way up.  Either way is acceptable.


Lay out your lights:

Before you begin attaching your lights, it is best to lay them out in sections.  If you are starting on the ground, this means you should separate any strands of lights and position them so that you can easily access each porch railing, bush, or tree you want to wrap.  If you are starting on your roof, then lay your lights along the edges to make sure you can easily attach them to roof edges.


Attach your Lights:

The last step is to attach your lights and string them together.  This includes hooking up any extension cords you need.




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