Plan Your 2017 Home Project Wish List

Plan Your 2017 Home Project Wish List


Say good bye to 2016.  With the new year comes a blank slate for home remodeling.  The beginning of the year is the best time to survey the house and make plans for the projects you want to accomplish.  With so many upgrades and renovation options, its best to streamline the process.  Here are a few helpful tips while making your 2017 home remodeling wish list.

Where to Start

Every home owner has an endless list of home upgrades in the back of their minds.  The reality is, you should only take on one project at a time.  So, how do you choose which remodels make the cut for this calendar year?  The best way to start is to prioritize your list according to which projects need to be done as soon as possible.  For example, untreated damage to siding or foundation could lead to more serious problems.  However, it’s also fun to include a few upgrade projects that make your home look better.  Create a well-rounded list that includes a combination of ‘must haves’ and ‘want to haves.’


 In and Out

Design half of the list for interior work.  Perhaps you want to install hard wood floors or new tile.  Maybe you have plans to renovate one or all of the bathrooms.  Keep in mind home remodeling applies to upgrades inside and out.  Reserve some funds for exterior work as well.  Curb appeal and landscape design are just as important when assessing a home’s value.  With outdoor living being all the rage, pick a few outside projects to get your yard looking great.  If you enjoy outside entertaining in the summer, consider having your deck remodeled.  Deck remodeling includes resurfacing, expanding, and installing composite.


Design the 2017 Budget

To make a realistic wish list, you have to create two types of budgets: the individual budget for each project, and a total spending budget for the year.  The total budget is shaped by the individual budgets of the projects you choose.  Which is why, it’s best to start planning as early in the year as possible.  Too many high-priced home remodeling projects increases overall yearly spending.  Try to limit the number of high-cost purchases.

Another great way to manage the budget is to gather comparative estimates.  Research the project and learn about average pricing.  Explore cost-saving strategies like planning the work around industry slow seasons.  For instance, book a deck renovation in the pre-season or late fall when there is less of a demand.  Also ask companies about promotional rates and how to receive discounts.  How well you bargain determines how well you conserve your budget across multiple projects.

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