Top 6 Brands of Patio Doors for your Back Deck

Top 6 Brands of Patio Doors for your Back Deck

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Choosing the right patio door brand is difficult.  The right patio door should be safe, and so you should not worry about someone entering your home.  It should protect your home from the elements, and so you should not worry about rain dampening your floors or heat or cold air escaping in the summer or winter.  Last, the right patio door for your home should look good.  Finding the right patio door may be difficult, but when you find the right one, you will know it.  Here are six different patio door brands that are are great for your back deck.



Andersen has a wide variety of patio doors.  They offer folding outswing patio doors, french and hinged patio doors, and gliding patio doors. Andersen is a trusted name in windows, and their doors all come in a variety of materials and designs.


SuperSeal sliding patio doors:

SuperSeal is a huge name in patio doors.  They come fully assembled, and they use 1″ tempered insulating glass.  Additionally, the hardware rail and heavy-duty screen are aluminum.  They come in white or beige vinyl.  Last, transoms and side lights are available for super seal doors.  Super seal should be one of the first brands to consider.


Simpson Doors:

Simpson doors have a distinct look with a definite “Wow” factor.  Their doors are minimal and bold.  Additionally, they have an unpainted look that distinguishes them.  They advertise a WeatherBarrier technology that uses a Medium Density overlay, water resistant glazing beads and bars.


Kolbe & Kolbe:

When you first look into Kolbe & Kolbe products, you will likely look at their website and notice its simplicity and its depth of information. Kolbe & Kolbe’s doors are like their website.  They are sleek, minimal, and yet they offer tons of options.



Pella offers a variety of doors with a classic look.  Most interesting are their Insynctive products.  Insynctive doors are smart doors that let you monitor whether they’re open or closed and to control whether or not between the glass blinds are drawn from anywhere in the house.




Provia is a company that prides themselves on being energy efficient.  Many of their windows and doors are Energy Star certified, and so these products are ideal for those homeowners looking to upgrade old doors and save on their energy bills in the process.  In total, Provia offers four distinct brands of doors, and so there is something to work with every home.

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