Boost Curb Appeal with New Outdoor Holiday Decorations

Boost Curb Appeal with New Outdoor Holiday Decorations


The main reason people decorate their homes in the holiday season is to boost curb appeal.  Don’t limit yourself to simple lights Christmas lights when there are so many options for holiday decorations.  Of course, Christmas lights are fine and a staple of any Decorations.  However, here are some things to consider when decorating your home.


Where to Put Christmas Lights:

In homes with ornate architecture, simply outlining the edges of your home often produces the biggest wow.  While in a more modestly constructed home, consider making a pattern out of Christmas lights on your shrubbery or around a scene made of purchased holiday decorations on your lawn.

One more thing about Christmas lights: consider using lights of the same color.  You can vary the types of bulbs used, but often using lights of the same color for the majority of your holiday lighting creates a theme to the appearance of the house.  Additionally, it opens up the opportunity to use a colored LED spotlight to add accent to a focal point.

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Signs are a simple way of conveying holiday cheer.  You can purchase signs in many big box stores, however another option is to make your own.  You can cut a simple shape out of plywood and carefully paint a Christmas message in decorative letters.


Decorate your Window Boxes:

If you have window boxes, then make sure to decorate them.  Don’t limit yourself to a simple strand of lights.  Ribbons and wreaths can also be hung from window boxes.  You can even plant evergreens such as juniper in the winter.


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Consider buying decorative plants:

Big box stores usually move out their entire plant inventory before they start stocking Christmas trees.  Some of the plants available on clearance may be evergreens.  Consider buying greens like juniper and arbor vitae and putting them in decorative holiday pots at entrance ways or walkways.


Don’t forget your mailbox:

At many houses, the mailbox is one of the first things people see.  You can wrap the post with ribbons, or you could even buy a mailbox its own wreath.  There are many possibilities.


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