Natural Deck Restoration- Restore Your Deck to Its Natural Beauty

Natural Deck Restoration- Restore Your Deck to Its Natural Beauty


Wooden decks require lots of maintenance.  Home owners invest the time and effort to keep their wooden decks attractive.  Some deck services focus on preserving the natural appearance of the wood.  If you like a natural look, consider deck revival.  Natural deck restoration revives the original beauty of your natural wood deck.


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What is Natural Deck Restoration?

Natural deck restoration is similar to the five-step deck repair service.  However, the main focus of the process relies on unveiling the charm of natural wood deck.  Instead of applying a solid color stain, technicians use semi-transparent stains, leaving the grain visible.  For those home owners that love the charm of real wood, natural deck restoration is the perfect service.


How it Works

First, technicians remove dirt and damage on the top layer of wood by sanding.  Sanding the surface exposes fresh layers of wood.   Once the deck is completely sanded and smooth, they clean the deck with a specially formulated deck wash.   The wash removes stains and oxidation.  A proper deck cleaning prepares the wood for staining.  It also helps optimize the staining process.  Lastly, technicians apply two coats of an oil-based semi-transparent stain.


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The Benefits of Natural Wood Deck Restoration

Investing in natural wood deck restoration is a great way to renovate your outdoor living space.  Wooden decks can be wonderful assets to any backyard.  Reviving the wood is the best way to maintain your deck.  Also, natural deck restoration preserves the structure.  All exterior wood requires protection to withstand moisture and UV rays.  Cleaning and staining help prevent damage from weather and sunlight.

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