4 Modern Bathroom Sink Designs

4 Modern Bathroom Sink Designs

If you are looking for modern bathroom sink designs, there are plenty of innovative choices.  Opt for a variation of the conventional and traditional sink type.  Or, if you are adventurous, choose one that will add an element of class to the space. Whatever your personality may be, the sky is the limit to showcase your style with modern bathroom sink designs.  Here are a few eye-catching bathroom sink ideas: bathroom sink. modern bathroom sink ideas. concrete slab sink

Concrete slab sink

If you want to have a unique sink, install a  concrete slab fixture. These are available in multiple colors and blend  seamlessly with any internal décor. The sinks are not the usual one hole sink where you can see the water gargling out. In fact, the water disappears into a ridge that has concealed triple holes to drain the water out.  Showcase your individuality by choosing a concrete slab sink. bathroom sink. modern bathroom sink. glass bowl sink

Glass vessel sink

Add a dash of color to your bathroom with a blue tinged glass vessel sink. The full sink has to be set on the slab and this adds to the dramatic visual impact. These sinks have the advantage of durability.  Another benefit is that they are low maintenance!  Simply wipe it with a detergent soaked cloth, rinse well and wipe clean. The sink will retain its sparkling look for ages. Enhance the aesthetics with a complimenting waterfall faucet that has a color matched glass disc for manifold increase in looks. 

Etched glass base sink

This is a truly extraordinary sink. Forget about a sink that blends in; an etched glass base enhances the appeal of any modern bathroom. The circular glass base with raised sides has beautiful patterns etched into it. When raised up and set on its waste collar, light filters through the base and creates beautiful patterns on the surface of the vanity below. They come in multiple color options to coincide with your bathroom design. Step outside the box  and try this for style. bathroom sink. modern bathroom design. pedestal sink

Exclusive pedestal sink

Traditional pedestal sinks designed to hide pipes are passé.  Modern pedestal sinks feature creatively carved pedestals. The pedestal is integrated into the sink and is not a separate piece. It is available in different intricate patterns, creating a work of art.   Another takeoff on this design is the teardrop.  Teardrops feature a large bowl that tapers down to the floor, getting narrower as it reaches below.Regardless of which sink design you choose, make sure to consider some of these wonderful conversation pieces we listed.  And don’t forget complimenting bathroom lighting to highlight your modern sink!

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