The Modern American Kitchen- How to Design the Perfect Social Space

The Modern American Kitchen- How to Design the Perfect Social Space


The days of the kitchen being a tucked away room limited to preparing meals are long gone.  We used to entertain family and guests in the dining room and living quarters while using the kitchen as the ‘back of house’ room they never needed to see.  The modern kitchen serves multiple functions including that of a social space.  New design trends feature expanded, open kitchens connected to living rooms and dining rooms.  These designs promote gathering and socializing in the kitchen.


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From Breakfast Nook to Dinner Party

Dining in the kitchen is not a new concept.  For years American families enjoy casual meals and quick eats in their kitchens.  Most commonly, we eat breakfast in the kitchen.  Perhaps our mornings start with a bowl of oatmeal or a bagel at a breakfast nook.  The kitchen has transformed into more than a casual setting for dining.  Contemporary island designs with barstools set the stage for cocktail parties, wine dinners, and evening gatherings.  Create a chef’s table dinner that gives your guests a front row seat to the culinary action!


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‘The New Gathering Headquarters

The gathering potential of today’s kitchen includes larger social settings as well as small.  The kitchen is arguably the heart of the house if you’re a foodie.  Which means it becomes the heart of the party for gatherings.  Think about it; beverages spirits, and food all come from the kitchen.  Instead of transporting them to display in a different room, use the kitchen as the serving headquarters.  Serve the food from the countertops or island as a make-shift buffet.  Arrange a cocktail station with beautifully displayed glassware next to an urn for self-serving convenience.  Encourage the guests to help themselves in the kitchen.  Parties have a more intimate theme when guests socialize in the kitchen.


Creating the Social Kitchen

Our lives have changed over the years and the kitchen is no longer the hidden nook for household chores.  Modern design showcases the kitchen as the dynamic space for creativity and entertainment.  When remodeling a kitchen to create the right social setting, we consider space, function, and personality.   Hosting guests requires ample space for traffic.  Keep a clear and open walkway around tables, islands and appliances.  The more open the space, the more inviting and comfortable it will be while you entertain.  You also want to think about functionality.  What exactly will you use your kitchen for?  The answer comes from interpreting your lifestyle and every day activities.  Lastly, the kitchen has to showcase your personality.  Modern interior design aims to personalize each space as a reflection of the home owner.  Choose colors and features that based on what speaks to you.  Personalize the kitchen to showcase who you are.

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