Lighting for Bathroom Remodel- Transform your Bathroom with New Lighting

Lighting for Bathroom Remodel- Transform your Bathroom with New Lighting


Lighting is a very important factor in creating an optimized ambiance for your home.  Lighting matters in all rooms, including the bathroom.  You can have it personalized to match your preferences and moods and to have the correct balance between comfort and functionality.

Here are a few types of lighting ideas you can try out when you go for a bathroom remodel.


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Ambient Lighting

When you want to avoid harsh overhead lighting and give your bathroom a mellow and soft look, choose ambient lighting.  The light is bounced off the ceiling, removing shadows or softening them and spreading a flattering look around the bathroom with all fixtures and features equally balanced.


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Accent Lighting

This is not about general lighting. As the name suggests it helps to accentuate your new design fixtures and accessories such as modern sinks, redone bathtubs, and architectural features.  Accent lights highlight the depth and dimension of your bathroom They also give small bathrooms an expanded look. Pair with a bathroom remodel featuring customized fittings.


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Decorative Lighting

Ever thought that your remodeled bathroom could be made to look like one straight out of the sets of a Hollywood movie? Well, decorative lighting helps achieve that kind of lux. Hang a chandelier at the center of the room, lighting up every corner, and creating a dream-like appeal. Another option is hanging smaller decorative lights at key points such as over the vanity, shower or tub. Decorative lighting enhances the room and adds old world charm.


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Specific Lighting

Specific lighting focuses on the vanity.  Every day we use the mirror in the restroom for personal grooming, make-up, and moisturizing.  Standard lights above a vanity cast a shadow on the lower half of the face. Further, whenever you put a normal single light near a vanity, the height of the person dictates the location of the shadow on the face. Specific lighting solves this issue.  Have the lights placed around the mirror so that the shadows over the face cancel out. Avoid LED lights because they work poorly to illuminate faces. Soft tungsten bulbs are the best in this case. Target a minimum of 150 wattage for best results.


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Antique Lighting

In addition to the position and type of light, fixtures also matter.  Modern concealed or soft white lights are good but try out antique fixtures too. Bronze and glazed glass add character to bathroom lighting.  Place two or three at strategic points in the bathroom for unique design appeal.

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