Is Your Deck Falling Apart?

Is Your Deck Falling Apart?


Has your deck seen better days?  Lots of older decks show signs of severe damage.  However, there is still hope.  Consult a deck professional to find out what your options are.  Mot deck problems can be fixed with some TLC repair services.  Besides, well maintained outdoor spaces enhance your home. Here are some tips for home owners who have a deck falling apart.


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Common Deck Problems

Home owners notice a variety of weakness on their decks.  These red flags should cause concern.  They vary in severity from small issues to safety threatening problems.  Unfortunately, some deck problems stand out as more visible than others.  Below are a few common decking problems.  These are arranged in order from minor to severe.

Peeling Paint

Mold and Mildew



Warped Boards

Wobbly/Shaky Railings

Rotting Boards

Shaky Structure


The Solution

A deck falling apart usually needs a total restoration.  If you have a strong foundation, there is no need to build a new deck. Consider investing in professional deck repair.  When your deck needs more than a fresh coat of stain, consult a deck specialist.  Some approaches to cleaning the deck, such as power washing, actually harm the wood.  A professional deck company has the experience and skills to safely and effectively restore your deck.

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How it Works

Restoration starts with removing damaged layers of wood.  Commercial grade sanding strips the boards of old stain, damage, and oxidized (grayish) layers.  Next, technicians replace warped, bowed, and rotted boards with new ones.  All other boards with cracks get repaired with a sealant.  Finally, after another phase of sanding, you’ll see a smooth, clean surface.  The last step involves sealing the deck to protect it from future damage.


Call Deck Ready and request a free estimate.  Deck Ready estimates include an inspection of the deck.  The five-step restoration process takes care of most of the problems listed above. The idea is to refinish the deck, replacing bad boards, repairing cracks, and sealing the surface with a quality stain.  If you want to learn more about pricing and services, call for a free estimate.  Deck Ready offers free, no obligation estimates for all interested home owners.  Don’t wait any longer if you have a deck falling apart.









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