How to Install a Bow Window

How to Install a Bow Window


Replacing a bow window in your home is incredibly important to do the right way the first time. Make sure you have all of the tools needed before beginning. If install is not properly done the window will breathe air and not maintain its quality for as long. Water damage can also occur if the install does not go as planned. Let’s begin with the basics.

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What is a Bow Window

Bow windows do an incredible job of allowing extra light and provide extra comfort for a room. A bow window protrudes the wall and sits outside of the house. This provides a sophisticated look not only from the inside but also looking at the house from the street. A bow window is an investment that holds its value for a long time if maintained properly.

When to Replace your Windows

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Out with the old and in with the new!

First you will need to remove the old bay or bow window. This can be done rather easily since the original frame can be broken up while uninstalling. The first step is to remove the class before prying the old frame out of the wall. Check for any screws and fittings before to avoid damaging your wall. A pry bar to get between the frame and wall will do just fine. Once the window is completely taken out check the wall for any damage before installing your new window. If there is damage make sure to fix properly before starting your bow window install.

Time to replace your window

The first step is to make sure your window fits in the hole perfectly. If not you will need to fix the hole and make sure everything is flush before install. You may need to invite a friend or two over to help you hold the window in place. Next you will screw in any fittings provided with the new window set. Once the window is in place you will then need to glaze it. Put the glass into the frame and us the necessary tools to fit the window into place. PVC frames provide areas where the window snap into place.

Finishing Touches

Flashing the space around the window is necessary on the exterior to prevent water penetration and maintain quality. Caulking fixes any gaps around the window. With all gaps around the window perfectly sealed energy efficiency is improved. This help lower heating and cooling bills. Now its time to enjoy the views from your new Bow Window!