Hurry! Last Chance to Earn 2016 Tax Credit Savings for a New Door

Hurry! Last Chance to Earn 2016 Tax Credit Savings for a New Door


We wrote about the 2016 tax credit savings a few months ago, and the good news is- it’s still available.  However, time is running out!  You don’t want to miss out on a chance to save up to $500.00 for upgrading your door.  This doesn’t include the annual savings in cheaper electrical bills.  Interested in earning your savings before it’s too late?  Here’s what you need to know:


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Where do I start?

Research energy efficient doors.  The credit is awarded to homeowners who make an effort to increase energy efficiency in their home.  Who wouldn’t want to upgrade to a more energy-efficient entry door?   Start by determining what kind of models and styles you like.  Confirm that the door meets the energy star requirements.   There are plenty of energy star rated doors on the market.  Our favorite brand is ProVia because they design innovative doors with a focus on providing quality energy efficient models.


Qualifying Factors

Qualifying is super easy.  All you have to do is install the energy star rated door in your primary residence.  As long as you install before December 31st 2016, you are eligible for the credit.  Keep your receipt and share the purchase information with your tax advisor.  Ask how you can take advantage of the saving.  It couldn’t be more simple than this.


tax credit savings. save on new door 2016

Smart Move

This is a simple, win-win all the way around.  Every home owner benefits from an energy efficient upgrade.  And for a limited time, the government wants to reward you for your green initiative.  Call for door estimates today and start planning how you’ll spend that big savings come tax season.




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