How to prevent a slippery deck in cold weather

How to prevent a slippery deck in cold weather


Slipping accidents are a nightmare because falls can cause broken bones and scrapes.  With all the ice and water build-up of winter, your deck can quickly become one enormous slipping hazard, and so it is important to protect your guests and yourself from falls.  What can you do to remove ice and
keep from slipping?  Here are four ideas to help keep your deck from becoming a winter safety hazard.


Clean your deck at the start of the season:

The changing seasons from Spring to Fall to Winter brings gorgeous foliage.  Unfortunately, when winter starts, those pretty leaves drop and create a nuisance.  At the end of fall or the start of winter, take time to clean your deck.  Make sure to remove newly fallen leaves.  Additionally, take time to scrub the deck.  Those leaves can leave dust and carry fungal spores.  In slick conditions, any particulate matter will be more slippery than normal.  Likewise, fungus may start growing before the temperature drops significantly.  The first thing to do to keep from slipping is to clean your deck.


remove ice on deck, winter home safety, snow safety, prevent slippery floorAttach non-slip decking surfaces:

There are numerous non-slip decking surfaces on the market.  There are strips, mats, and you can even install non-slip decking.  Some strips and mats are self-adhesive, and others require screws or nails to fasten to your deck.  The self-adhesive varieties are easier to install.  However, the ones you fasten to your deck with screws or nails are less likely to loosen with wear.  If you want to undergo more serious measures, then anti-slip decking is available.


Non-slip Coatings:

Many companies make anti-slip coatings for you to paint onto your deck.  Most of these products contain particulate matter and will dry to leave a textured surface to wherever they are applied.  Before you apply any coating, make sure to clean your deck thoroughly.


Remove Ice:

In winter, the biggest cause of a slippery deck is ice.  It will not matter if you have applied an anti-slip coating or attached a non-slip surface if your deck has a thick enough sheet of ice across it.  If you are worried about slipping on your deck, shovel your deck the same way you would shovel a driveway or another walk way.  Likewise, consider use an  ice melt.  Some ice melts will harm wooden surfaces, so make sure to read the label.

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