How to Design the Perfect Deck for Outdoor Entertaining.

How to Design the Perfect Deck for Outdoor Entertaining.


Maintaining a home is hard work but can be very rewarding as well. The majority of rooms in a house are based on functional needs. It is nice to have areas outside to enjoy though as well. Decks provide the perfect area for so many memories to be made. From tiki torches to hammocks lets take a look at a few ways to entertain.


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The flow of your deck is important because it allows friends and family to move around. The sitting areas should not be in the way of the walking areas. Steps that are steep could be dangerous for your guests. Step-downs from a higher deck to lower gives a sophisticated feel. The design of the deck should be functional and allow area for all guests.


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While entertaining on your deck you should have a few important items. Of course a grill would be at the top of that list. Your friends and family are going to be hungry so have a means of cooking. Grill placement should be out of the way of the footpath and not under any direct awning or hangover. Once you have your grill set up make sure to have a trash can nearby.


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When you and your guests are hanging out on the deck they should feel comfortable. Buying citronella candles that keep away mosquitos are popular. A well-lit deck avoids many injuries and is more safe for your guests. There should be pillows on the couches and seats available for your guests. Flowers and potted plants could be placed around to give the area a lively feel.


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Extra Fun

Once you have all of the basics of a comfortable deck it is now time for the fun accessories. A dry bar is an excellent add-on. This is a great place to prepare beverages and food. If you friends enjoy cocktails the dryer could have an ice chest to keep the cold drinks flowing. A hammock is a really sweet add-on if you have room for it. Any place for friends to lay and relax makes the spot much more comfortable. To top off the deck a metal fire pit and tiki torches bordering the deck would be awesome.

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