How to Create the Ideal Man Cave

How to Create the Ideal Man Cave


Once your significant other agrees to allow you to build a man cave, the hard work is over and the fun begins. Depending on what your interests are, there are many different options to choose from.


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Choosing your space in the house to build your Man Cave is the first task at hand. Homeowners can build a proper Man Cave in any room of the house. Your options are endless beginning with your attic, an unused bedroom, the shed out back, the garage, or most popularly the basement. Once you have chosen your space, it is time to make sure it is warm and cozy room.


Preparing your Man Cave is one of the most important tasks on this list. You want to make sure this space is warm, dry, and quiet. Insulating and soundproofing the room will allow for a more comfortable experience. Unless your Man Cave is a stand-alone shed or you have no roommates, you will not want your late night game of poker or football interrupted by an upset spouse or roomate. Make sure to look into the material you are insulating with to check its sound proofing abilities. Fiberglass is a very popular insulation material due to its ability to block sound and hold heat.

Paint or Wallpaper

There are many options you can go with when deciding on colors for your Man Cave. With a smaller room, brighter colors will allow a sense of more light coming in. If you are looking for a home theatre or bar type feel, the darker the colors the better. This is your choice and is based on what you plan to do in your new room.

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Installing Fixtures, Furniture, and Entertainment

Adding recessed lighting and curtains to an area will help control the lighting. This will allow you to pull your blackout curtains and enjoy watching an afternoon football game without the world shining in through your window. Once all fixtures are in place it is time begin planning for your seating and entertainment. Comfortable seating is incredibly important. If guests accidentally spill beer on your couches and chairs, finding a beat up leather couch that can handle the damage is important. If you are putting together more of a “gentleman’s cave” selecting quality matching furniture is important. Purchase tables and place after the seating arraignments followed by any other types of furniture.

Finally setting up the Television and surround sound system. A big 50″ TV or even projector can be set up to allow everyone in the room a great view of the game. Incredible game day experiences will be enjoyed with multiple TV setups.  An audiovisual entertainment focus also helps your man cave double as a home theater.

Man Cave Add-ons

Once the basics of a Man Cave are in place it is time to add any other entertainment you and your guests would like. A wet bar providing a liquor cabinet and place for guests to wash their hands is a great option. Other Add-ons include a dart board, mini fridge, pool table, corner bar, arcade machine, pinball machine, and any sports memorabilia that you desire. Once your Man Cave is finally finished, it is time to enjoy the fruits of your labor and invite some friends over. Have fun!