How to Convert a Deck into a Sunroom

How to Convert a Deck into a Sunroom


Do you want to increase the square footage of your home?  If so, you can add a state-of-the-art sunroom that infuses interior charm with exterior views.  Sunrooms are a great way to enjoy the beautiful scenery that surrounds your home.  Additionally, they add a multi-seasonal space to enjoy.  Lots of people convert their existing deck, using it as the foundation for a new sunroom.  Enclosing the deck structure allows you to use the space all year long.  It also increases the value of your home.  It’s hard to imagine converting the exterior flooring of a deck into an interior room.  With the help of professional contractors, you can make the vision a reality.  Here are a few factors to consider and best practices to follow when converting a deck into a sunroom.

Convert a Deck into a Sunroom

Is My Deck a Good Fit for a Sunroom?

Not all decks are created equal.  It’s not enough that you have a deck to assume you can use the surface to build an enclosed structure.  Consider the location, size and structure of you deck to answer these questions.

First, would the deck location make sense as a sunroom?  Think about the doorway to the sunroom and if the transition into the new room makes sense.  Living room to sunroom or kitchen to sunroom transitions are perfect continuations of entertaining living space.

Second, are there any fixtures on the exterior of the house that the sunroom would cover?  For example, windows, gutters, power lines or vents?   If the answer is yes, can these fixtures be relocated?  You want to make sure the interior space you are designing will be just that.  You don’t want an outdoor aspect of the house’s exterior interrupting the interior design you are creating.

Evaluate whether or not your deck foundation will support a sunroom.  It’s very common that the builders will have to install additional support.  Elevated deck structures make the best foundations for sunrooms.  Builders recommend a minimum of 4 foot elevation so that they can access the underneath easily and reinforce the structure.


Licenses and Permits

Before the start of your project, plan for the paperwork.  The best way to manage the building project is to prepare in advance for all of the needed permits to satisfy the requirements of your specific county.  Did you know that different areas have different rules and regulations to govern construction guidelines?  Contact inspectors, research the requirements, and be pro-active about following the right channels before the work begins.  Your contractor guides you through the permit process, however it is helpful to do your own research.  In general, contractors responsible for  building a sound structure that passes all necessary codes.  Keep in mind, each component added to your sunroom may require its own permit.  For instance, electricity and air conditioning are not covered under the general construction permit.



Contractors build sunrooms from the foundation of existing structures.  This does not mean it has to appear to be new and different from the rest of the home.  Your contractor should suggest a design that will best integrate the new structure with the overall design of the home.  If you have siding, you may want to consider integrating the same siding on the exterior walls of the sunroom to help it blend with the house.  Another aspect to focus on for the best blending result is the roof.  The roofing materials should be the same as the rest of the house.  To summarize, the best sunrooms rely on a custom design that make the sunroom look like it was always part of your house.


Insulated Windows

Optimizing our outdoor living space motivates us to convert a deck into a sunroom.  After all, we enjoy a sunroom all year, while a deck is only used during the warm, dry months.  Design construction plans that will maximize year-round usage.  The walls of sunrooms are primarily windows, making them more susceptible to drafts.  If you plan to use your sun room in the late fall, winter, and early spring, you will need to select well insulated windows.  High quality energy efficient windows reduce your heating and cooling costs in the new sun room. Check out ProVia’s Energy Star certified vinyl windows to browse customizable selections.


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