How to Clean and Maintain New Carpet

How to Clean and Maintain New Carpet


So you just purchased a new carpet and you would like to keep it clean and maintain its quality for a long time. Here are the things you can do to to keep up with carpet maintenance.


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Area rugs and runners

The best way to maintain a carpet is to cover it with an area rug or runner. Placing rugs or runners in high traffic areas will protect your carpet from dirt and matting. Another great area to put a rug down is a living room or family room. This is where people will sit and relax so the majority of accidents will happen in this area. Investing in a big area rug to protect a carpet will allow the carpet to maintain its value for longer.


Vacuum Regularly

Keeping your carpet clean with a vacuum maintains a dirt free and odorless surface. Dirt gets into the fibers of the carpet and when walked on will damage the fibers shine. With the fiber damaged, a carpet will look more dull and dingy then before. Keeping its surface clean is overlooked but an important aspect of maintaining your carpet.  Vacuuming is the start to keeping the carpet looking new.


Avoid using powder products

Many powder products on the market cleanse and eliminate odors in your carpet. The problem occurs when these products are overused. Pay attention to how much product you are using and cleaning the area well after application. You may not notice at first, but when steam cleaning your carpet you will finally suck up all of the powder left from using products. Just be careful not to overuse and you will be fine.


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Get professional carpet cleanings

It is human nature not to clean something until it is dirty. The problem is once you notice your carpet is dirty, its too late. You need to professionally clean your carpet at least once a year. Manufacturers advise every 6-12 months to have your carpets professionally cleaned. This will maintain the quality of the carpet for much longer periods of time.

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